About Us

Dharamshala Press Club (Himachal)

This platform has been formed to address and regard the community which plays a vital role in keeping the democracy alive in India – ‘The journalists’. COVID pandemic has changed the lives of many upside down and this community is among the worst sufferers.

In daily routines, the people in this profession start their day with reading the moves of the governments and those sitting in power which they take in the name of public welfare. Later, journalists act as guardians and protectors of public interest whether those moves are really addressing the grievances of the poorest of the poor or just tailored to fulfill the selfish motives of persons attached to power.

Life of journalists is full of risks as they challenge only powerful persons by highlighting the loopholes of government policies and diversions of funds in public projects. Bureaucrats and politicians in power remain at loggerheads with journo when they seriously practice their profession.

Yes a section of society raises questions of many journalists also for the involvement with politicians and bureaucrats. But journalism is not the profession where one can succeed or become super rich by becoming part of any nexus.

COVID19 has left many journalists in lurch as media industries witnessed huge losses. Many of them, particularly those working on lower level, found it tough to meet their both ends. Children and females of photo journalists and those in the editorial department were pushed to a situation where they were helpless.

This platform has been created to regard those warriors who always remain in the field in times of anytime of crisis. The aim of this group is to boost the morale of journalists to play their role in keeping democracy alive in India. We would like to assist and help the people of this profession to fight all odds they are facing in their own organization and in the governance system.